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You don’t start a new experience without asking a few questions. Here are some common questions that come up before joining Late Space.

I'm a business
I'm a customer

Yes, you can upload appointments onto Late Space 24/7.

All bookings are made via our ‘Book Slot’ option on Late Space to ensure it is quick and easy for all parties involved.

The beauty of Late Space is there are no monthly subscriptions. Late Space will take a percentage fee per booking which will only be deducted once the appointment is booked and paid for.

You can upload as many appointments as you wish.

You will be able to adjust the location range to suit your everyday needs.

You can book appointments on the same day or up to 72 hours in advance

There are no monthly costs and all fees will be included in your booking total.


Once you have found the appointment you were looking for then simply press ‘Book Slot’ which will directly book the appointment through the app.